Neos Marmaras

A Few Words...

Neos Marmaras was founded in Sithonia, Halkidiki, soon after 1922 by Greek refugees who came from the island of Marmaras, in Propontida, Minor Asia. It is a bustling town situated along the slopes of the Dragoudelis Mountain and all the way down to the coast and constitutes the most vibrant area within the Toroneos Gulf on the Sithonia peninsula. Its population has risen from approximately 1200 in the early 20th century to 3000 inhabitants today. Most of us work as fishermen or farmers, produce honey or are involved with the tourism industry
Neos Marmaras is a modern country town that combines natural beauty and nightlife. Neos Marmaras offers island magic along with land comforts. Visitors may find a lot of small and large shops; coffee bars, restaurants and nightclubs to suit all needs and tastes as well as banks and pharmacies at their disposal.
The area is characterized by its green landscape since, on the majority of its 20km of coastline; pine trees grow all the way down to the beach. Visitors may enjoy many crystal-clear beaches apart from the main beach, which sprawls all the way up to Porto Carras (e.g. Paradisos, Agia Kyriaki, Koutsoupia, Azapiko etc). All beaches undergo regular controls and are blue-flagged by the E.U. Around Neos Marmaras, there are many small and scenic ports, beautiful isolated beaches and a group of small islands, ‘Spalathronisia’. Visitors may reach the beaches either by boat or by car/motorcycle and there enjoy the clear and deep blue sea under the golden sun.
Another place of interest is the island of ‘Kelyfos’ or ‘Turtle Island’, as it looks like a turtle from the ring road. It is full of wild goats but it is best known for its spectacular seabed, which underwater photographers call ‘a paradise’.
Swim in our calm, crystal-clear, warm sea all morning; dine in our cosy little taverns in early afternoon; have fun in bars and clubs from dusk until dawn. Next morning, simply enjoy a special breakfast in the coffee shops along the quay or the coast.

Festivals and Celebrations...

The main traditions and customs celebrated in the region of Neos Marmaras, are the following: 

  • During ‘Kathara Deftera’, the equivalent of ‘Mardi Gras’, Greeks gather together at the coast and taste local fresh seafood, fly kites and celebrate the beginning of the Easter season.
  • On May 1st, Labour Day, residents of Neos Marmaras visit nearby areas in the mountain in order to barbeque and celebrate.
  • 50 days after Easter, we celebrate Pentecost. It is a 3-day celebration, from Saturday until Monday . The residents, most of them descendants of the first refugees from Asia Minor, organize events to reminisce about their Old Homeland, Marmaras at Propontida. Festivities conclude on Monday with the representation of a traditional wedding ceremony, dancing and singing.
  • On July 27, the memory of Agios Panteleimonas, Patron Saint of the adjacent settlement, ‘Parthenonas’, is celebrated. As tradition requires, grilled meat and local delicacies are offered to locals and visitors alike.
  • On August 29, we celebrate the memory of our patron saints, after which the church in Neos Marmaras is named, ‘Pammegistoi Taksiarxes, with festivities on the main square .


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  1. We came across Pepa’s place in July 2014 whilst touring Grease only planning to stay one night before moving on. However what we found here and the people and accommodation led us to stay for a week. We would strongly recommend a stay here as the staff (especially Pepa) were among the most helpful and friendly we have come across. The accommodation was perfect and so reasonably priced. We even received a discount in the attached ‘Canadian Pizza Restaurant’. Its our policy not to return to a location once visited but Marmara and especial Pepa’s house for us is the exception to the rule. I have the fondest memories of our stay there that are personal and special to me made more memorable by the warm friendly people at Pepa’s
    Arthur Taylor (London)