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Come and Stay with us and enjoy our Summery Environment, the Discretion of our Staff members, and our Help whenever you need it in order to make your vacations as easy and enjoyable as possible. Find Rooms of Double, Twin, and Three Beds, and also Apartments suitable for families.    
An Accommodation, also Ideal for Business People, Singles, Couples, Students, Party People, and Water Enthusiasts, and by all means (GF:). 

Find us in the Center of the Town of Neos Marmaras, in the First Main Square, on the Coastal Line, exactly next to whatever you might need: Super markets, Bakeries, Pharmacies, Medical care, Banks, the Post Office, the Police Station, Taverns, Eating and Clothing stores, Tobacco and Newspaper stores, Bars, Club, Coffee Shops, Arcade Games for children, the TAXI Piazza, the National’s Coach Bus Stop, the Departure point of: SEA-TAXIs’, Daily Cruise Boats, and many more.  Check our Location Directly at: "Pepa's House" Google Point   

"Pepa's House": the History:

The ‘Journey’ of Pepa’s House, goes a long way back in the History of the Town of Neos Marmaras Itself …actually in its Birth.

It was initially built as an Immigrant’s House in 1926 -offered by the State as a ‘minor compensation’ for the properties the first ones had been forced to abandon in the Island of Marmaras in Minor Asia-. In early 1960’s, the property passes to my mother’s hands and our family decides to take down the old building and slowly slowly begins the construction of a store and a two storied house. 

Around the same time, the famous Ship Owner Ioannis Carras while at a leisure sea trip with friends around Agion Oros, finds himself in the Sithonian Costal Line and makes a small stop in Neos Marmaras. And he instantly falls In Love with It! He There and Then decides to Come Back…and Make History!

After the necessary negotiations with the State and owners of the properties of the area, he arrives in Neos Marmaras in 1965 and he starts the construction of one of the most Famous Resorts in Greece and Balkan’s … Porto Carras Grand Resort.

Needing a place to settle down and use as headquarter for him, and his architects until the project is completed, he rents the entire building, and uses it for over 12 years in total! He used the already existing store and the first floor as offices for the Architectural Designing.  He decided to personally take over the completion of the second floor of the building (now Pepa’s House), as he wanted to make it his Own Home. The place that, at the time, offered him one of the best views to his own…Dream Under Construction! :). 

For over 12 years, Designers, Architects, Constructers and Famous Artists and Friends of Ioannis Carras were going up and down the stairs. Bargains, Agreements and Decisions, but also Happy Relaxed Times with Ouzo and Mezedes were in the every day Agenda. Mom has countless stories to tell, about his simplicity and spirit as a person, and how he cherished small, everyday day things and traditions. 

In 1977, Porto Carras Grand Resort was Finally Completed, and the building returned to the hands of my family, and has been operating as a touristic accommodation ever since.

Being amongst the First Accommodation Facilities for Tourists in Neos Marmaras, numerous people have spent their vacations with us. Customers that later became friends, people that came as students, and came back later as couples with their children. Countless happy memories and stories…of people that met Neos Marmaras, having Mrs. Litsa and Mr. Kostas (mom and dad:) as their hosts.

In all these years, the rooms and the building itself have undergone a number of changes, renovations and redecorations, in order to become more efficient for our clients.

My parents had been running the business for over 30 years, when in 2011 they decided to go on pension, and the business met its new owner! ME! (Pepa:) . Trying to bring a ‘new spirit’ to the business, a partial renovation and redecoration took place, as well as a change of Name.

Apart from the personal ‘touch’ in every corner, with Handmade paintings and artifacts (can be seen within the Blog), the lowering of prices, and the effort to ensure special prices and discounts for our customers within Neos Marmaras’ businesses, “Pepa’s House” has now got a new Identity, but the same Goal as the previous Management:).

Try to accommodate you the best way possible, in the best possible price, and help you throughout your stay in our Beautiful Village, so as to make your Vacations with us…Memorable. :) :) :) 

Hope you Enjoy Your Stay With Us … ♥

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